Svømming i triathlon og tilbud om camp

25 08 2017

20140804_100545Denne artikkelen vil komme hos trisutto om litt.

«Why swimming is often underestimated in triathlon – or how can I cycle and run faster?   Dirk Neumann – trisutto coach.

The first European long distance race highlights this season are history and we asked many athletes how it went. The most common answer: it was ok but I somehow have to be able to cycle and run a lot faster.

Every athlete wants to finish a race faster than the race before that one or faster than last year etc. But only very few athletes succeed. They start to wonder…the cycling and running should be a lot better. I was faster in the shorter distances and during the marathon last fall… I was quicker during all of the long Sunday rides with the friends. After thorough consideration some athletes decide to invest more money in a new bike and to train even more and harder. Often, that is the wrong approach.



The main reason why most triathletes competing in long distance races are dissatisfied with their cycling and running performances has to do with their swim

Do I have to swim more? Or: I already swim three or more times a week!! – are frequent reactions. No, probably not. But it might be a good idea to work on your swimming style –  one that fits you individually.


Kristin Lie from Norway wrote it so fittingly in her Blog:


Foto: Jose Lois Hourcade

„After the IM 70.3 in Haugesund I received numerous enquiries and comments or I was asked directly about my swimming performance. Here is my answer:  

During the last past years I spent a lot of time in the water. I trained with many different swimming coaches and tried everything possible to increase my speed in the water.

The result: lots of frustration for all of the effort!!!!  In May I took part in a trisutto Camp in Mallorca. Brett Sutton and Dirk Neumann found a swimming style that was good for me.. We adjusted two small things. My breathing rhythm was changed and my swimming style was simplified considerably. Place Press Push makes my swim goes woosch….  Result: I am out of the water faster, and more important I save energy. Before it felt like I needed 20 Calories and now only 1 Calorie. I immediately have power on the bike and can deliver my performance. I might offend some swim coaches now but pure swim training has nothing to do with swim training for a triathlon. This also applies to cycling and running. Which both also  were changed during the camp.“


Bildet er fra Hoposa hotell. Bassenget ligger 15m fra spisesalen og holder 27C.

You can hardly describe it better.

How you can get out of the water faster and more relaxed, how you can achieve faster splits on the bike and during the run or how you can increase the overall fun and enjoyment for triathlon you can find out in our Camps. For example in October or next Spring in Mallorca.»

Det er nevnt camper på Mallorca i oktober og til våren.  Her har vi allerede noen nordmenn påmeldt 🙂  Jeg er assistent og altmuligkvinne.  Ta kontakt om du lurer på noe!




Ett svar

16 10 2017
Magnar Fjeldheim

Me var på vår første camp nå i oktober og var imponert over et bra opplegg!
Me startet dagen med svømmetrening og god frukost,sykkeløkt intervall og sykkeltur med inlagt kaffepause.Jogging på stranden.Takker for ei fin veke,dyktige trener me god personleg oppfølging,godt miljø.Kommer snart igjen.Takk for oss! Helsing Magnar og Marit

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